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Soft Organizer is meant to help you uninstall or update apps
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Though its name might make you think that its main purpose is cataloging software collections, Soft Organizer is actually meant to help you deal with the applications installed on your computer. Its main function is actually letting you uninstall programs in a complete manner, without leaving behind any traces or remnant files and registry entries, as the default Windows’ program removal feature or other uninstallers do. In order to do so, after it removes an application using its default uninstaller, it scans your system for remnant data and traces and offers you to delete any found ones.

Anyway, Soft Organizer can not only help you completely remove the applications that you no longer need, but it also helps you check for new versions of your installed apps and update them if necessary. It helps you easily keep your installed programs up-to-date, and that’s always a good idea as the latest version of a program can fix security issues and other important problems.

Soft Organizer is also easy-to-use. Its neat and straightforward interface can be used with ease even by beginners. It also comes with a handy batch uninstalling function that lets you remove multiple programs at once. Exporting the list of installed programs to HTML is also possible, as well as sorting and categorizing the list.

In conclusion, Soft Organizer is a nice tool. It’s a bit expensive, but it also offers some really interesting functions.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Can batch uninstall multiple apps at once
  • Can export lists with installed apps to HTML


  • A bit pricey
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