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Soft Organizer is an alternative to the Windows Uninstall tool
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Using the default methods of uninstalling software from your computer will not always ensure a clean and complete removal of that software. Often, traces are left back, like registry entries, remnant files, and so on. Though its name might make you think it's a tool meant to help you catalog and organize apps, Soft Organizer is actually a handy tool that will completely uninstall and remove applications from your system. After the actual uninstallation, this tool will scan and accurately detect any remnant data, offering you the possibility to remove this data as well. It can also install applications and tracks any related installation changes to the system so that it will be able to fully remove the tracked elements later.

This neat tool also features program ratings which enable you to evaluate the installed applications and to see the evaluations of other users. Other cool features are the automatic creation of system restore points when uninstalling programs, the batch uninstalling function, and the support for uninstalling Windows 8 and Windows 10 apps that were installed from the store.

The interface of Soft Organizer is also very easy to use and intuitive, and it comes with cool features like app sorting, grouping, and a handy search function. You can even export the list of installed apps to a HTML file.

In conclusion, Soft Organizer is a both easy to use and feature-rich app uninstaller that leaves pretty much no room for criticism or regrets.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports batch uninstallations
  • The interface allows grouping, sorting, and searching apps
  • Built-in programs' rating
  • Accurate scanning for remnant data


  • Can't think of any disadvantages
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