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Remove unwanted programs from your Windows PC, along with their leftover files
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Some software programs don’t like being uninstalled, and they use different tricks to avoid being completely removed from your PC. Some will hide behind a cryptic folder structure, others will hide all references to an uninstall option or file, and others will leave behind as many traces and leftover files as possible to remind you every now and then that you could easily bring them back to life at any time if you wish. Soft Organizer gets rid of any application installed on your computer in a simple, thorough, and efficient way, traces included.

Despite its somehow misleading name, this software tool is more of a standard uninstaller than anything else. And a good one, for that matter. More than organizing your software programs in any way, it will allow you to get rid of the most reticent tools once and for all, and force them to take all their little leftovers and traces with them on their way out (which sometimes amount to a few hundreds of MB). You can view these traces before removing them, provided that you know how to read the structure of a Windows Registry.

Soft Organizer will show you in different tabs the largest applications, the newest ones, and those that are more frequently uninstalled among all users of the program. This may help you decide which tools stay and which can go, especially those you know you installed long ago for a reason, even though you didn’t come round to use it. The program can also detect traces left there by applications that you thought you had uninstalled completely. Just tell the program to delete them all, and it will free your hard drive from unwanted leftovers and your registry from unnecessary entries in no time. The program seems to work like a charm, though only those who know where to look and what to look for can double-check with their registry if all traces have been efficiently removed or not.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Soft Organizer can also help you to keep your apps updated as well, and can put your PC back to its original state in no time if anything goes wrong during the uninstall process just by using the restore point it created automatically prior to removing the app(s).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch-uninstalls multiple software programs
  • Shows a rating based on the times a program has been uninstalled
  • Allows you to view the traces left
  • Removes in-built Windows Apps


  • Some advanced functions require registration
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