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Soft Organizer 8.15

Remove all unnecessary and unwanted programs, traces included

Rather than helping you to keep the apps and programs installed on your system nicely organized (in some way or another), Soft Organizer’s job is to help you get rid for good of those apps and programs you no longer need or want. Regardless of how stubbornly some of them refuse to be removed, this tool is capable of uninstalling them using a more expeditious method if necessary. Besides, it removes all traces that programs tend to leave behind when uninstalled.

The program’s interface couldn’t be simpler and cleaner, though there’s nothing simple in the functionality that performs the program’s magic in the background. On the user’s side, though, no learning curve is necessary. You will get used to the program’s look and feel in no time and will start enjoying its powerful functionality in a matter of minutes. The main interface offers you some useful browsing options that will let you check your largest applications, the newest ones, or those more frequently uninstalled or rarely used with just one click. Its built-in search engine will also allow you to look for that specific program you wish to remove. Finally, the Installed Applications Updates tab will let you see at a glance all those programs that might use a newer version.

The list of installed apps and programs offers also specific sections for system apps and Windows 10 pre-installed tools, when available. Uninstalling these tools is far from being as straightforward as removing a standard program you installed, so having the option to remove any unwanted Windows app from your computer in such a simple way is an excellent add-on.

The uninstall process itself works like a charm and is extremely simple to follow. You can remove any number of programs in one single operation, and you can create backups in case anything goes wrong. It will open a small wizard to guide you around the entire 4-step process in a breeze. It offers you the option to uninstall the program without looking up for its traces and to bypass the app’s standard uninstaller and remove it by force straight away. If you decided to get rid of the traces too, you will be informed of how many they are in step 3, offering you a link to check them out for yourself if you happen to be interested.

The PRO version available is also capable of removing traces left by other programs that you uninstalled before installing Soft Organizer, and it can track the installation of any new program you add to your desktop. The free trial will keep you constantly informed about what you do and what you cannot do unless you upgrade to the commercial version.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Removes multiple programs at a time
  • Uninstalls Windows 10 apps
  • Reminds you of updates for the installed programs
  • Removes all traces left


  • The free version is too limited
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