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It's a handy application to install, update, and uninstall programs
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Soft Organizer is a powerful and effective tool that helps you completely uninstall and remove applications from your system. When using the common methods, such as the default system uninstalling feature, to get rid of apps that you no longer need from your system, you often risk allowing traces to be left behind on your computer. Registry entries or files that waste disk space can remain on your computer due to the imperfect uninstallation of various applications. To avoid such cases, using Soft Organizer is a great solution. This handy program will not only uninstall no longer needed apps from your system, but it will also scan for any potential traces, leftovers, and remnant data that the uninstalled apps could have left behind. And it's really good at this job, as every time I tried it, Soft Organizer proved to be really accurate at finding those pesky remnant files and registry entries.

Moreover, Soft Organizer can also check for new versions of your installed programs and offer to update them if necessary. It's a really powerful all-in-one tool that spares you the need to obtain a separate app uninstaller and a program updater to keep your programs in check. This program also provides handy app ratings that let you evaluate and rank the installed tools, a cool batch uninstalling feature, list sorting and grouping functions that help you better organize and view the installed apps, and many more. As you can see, this tool is really feature-rich and comprehensive. Its latest version can even scan for leftovers of already uninstalled programs, which makes Soft Organizer even more helpful than it already was.

To sum it all up, since it's also easy-to-use despite its numerous handy features and options, Soft Organizer gets my vote and my recommendation, as it's a tool of undeniable help in many situations.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Built-in program rating
  • Batch uninstalling function
  • Also comes with an app updater
  • Really accurate scanning for residues


  • A bit pricey
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