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Soft Organizer can help you uninstall and update your programs
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Soft Organizer is an alternative to the Windows Uninstall tool. It has a nice interface in which a list of the programs currently installed on your system is shown. Such operations as uninstalling and updating the software can be easily performed with a click of your mouse.

Unlike the operating system's built-in tool, Soft Organizer can not only uninstall a given application but also scan the registry for leftovers. This is supposed to have a great impact on system stability and performance by reducing the size of Windows registry. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow uninstalling applications in batches.

This tool has a special feature that permits tracing an installation. Although the process is actually quite simple, there’s, fortunately, a wizard to help you do this. It requires checking your system before and after installing software to find whatever changes are made. Then, a history of changes is created to make the uninstallation of that same program much cleaner. However, just by mistake, I ran the wizard without installing any software. Surprisingly, Soft Organizer created an entry for this operation and even allowed me to uninstall a “ghost application” that had never been installed.

Unfortunately, the bug I discovered just by chance makes me doubt of program's effectiveness. I really wish the developer takes note of this and fixes it in future versions.

Pedro Castro
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  • It allows uninstalling a program from the system's contextual menu


  • It doesn't allow uninstalling applications in batches
  • There are failures in following the application's installation traces
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